The Zennish Microdeduplicator

The baddest Nakamichi has been released ... it is called Satanichi, the DEEPSEE file-to-file textual decompressor.
THE UNREGISTERED Nakamichi 'LITE' is free and will be free. It is NOT COMERCIAL.
The registered Nakamichi 'LITE' called also Satanichi costs 777 yen.
In order to disperse doubts, I STATED "NOT COMERCIAL" - the thing is, registration implies paying something - using it without registration/payment is fully viable/right, STRAIGHT UP.
NO! I won't accept money from ANYBODY, it will be left in this debit card unused by me, денежки are symbolic - therefore I chose a prince of Japan of old!
Neither for Nakamichi nor for Lao Zi ebooks - just wanted to play DEVIL's ADVOCATE by creating - to say outright - I am not clinging to any religion or mindset - just expressing my non-attachment!


The included .PDF booklet contains the FASTEST B-tree, lookup hash and memmem() implementations known to me, a PRACTICAL ALGORITHMIC MANUAL it is.

Crafted by machinely yours Sanmayce, for contacts email:

A .PDF briefbooklet. The Satanichi's source, .PDF booklet and binary are within:

Satanichi's price (registration + package) - one Prince Kamitsumiya banknote.


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